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Men's Suit Countach D3XE Sweater Limited Edition

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Mtb Suit Countach New Collection Limited Edition: D3XE Customizable 3/4 Sleeve Sweater, D3FullMetal Shorts and D3fatsox Socks.
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D3XE 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

Double3 technicians have developed a new fabric with great strength, the Titanium, which draws inspiration from the medieval metal chainmail in its double-sided polyester texture. The innovation is double: this technology guarantees remarkable mechanical strength, while at the same time providing comfort and breathability. The Titanium texture allows for constant air flow across the body, even at low speeds, while minimizing heat expulsion, which using an electric bike is considerably lower. A fabric that does not fear branches, thorns and velcro, while at the same time providing protection to the skin from impact abrasions. The jersey is made of seven parts, four in Titanium and three in bi-elastic micro-perforated fabric, to maximize ventilation and comfort in the most critical areas. Riding a pedal-assisted mountain bike allows for unmatched physical performance for non-professional riders normally riding "muscle" MTBs: we go uphill at high speed, with reduced physical effort and almost zero recovery time. The body is less warm but the risk of falling increases, as well as possible damage from the whipping impact of branches and undergrowth. The need for greater protection, not only on descents but also on ascents, and the desire to create clothing that "lasts over time" pushed Double3 to emphasize resistance in garments rather than ultra lightness, which has become less important with the arrival of the e-bike.

D3FullMetal Shorts

Awarded at the Cosmo Bike Tech Award for the best innovative product, the D3fullmetal combines together different characteristics such as the lightness and the comfort of allmountain and the safety and resistance of downhill. It is designed to give the best performance in the Enduro. Category. The fabric with which the trousers are made is Fullmetal, designed and patented by us. It is water repellent with last generation Teflon treatment, which can be reactivated with the iron at 150 ° every three washes. We always recommend placing a cloth between the iron and trousers to avoid damage. The D3fullmetal is a garment made with an advanced rationalization of ergonomics, as it is composed of only two large parts of fabric, so as to reduce the seams that limit its elasticity, minimizing also the friction parts on the skin pedaling.It has two large pockets, one located on the back and the other on the side with the pocket bag with the housing for the smartphone, with windproof zip closures.The adjustment of the waist is entrusted to a hook in very light plastic polymer and resistant, to speed up and facilitate the right adhesion even with one hand.

D3Fatsox Shocks

Our socks are made up of a differentiated 3D structure with graduated compression. This particular workmanship makes the socks more robust and thicker at high impact points: providing a high protection at the bottom of the tibia. D3fatsox is made of polypropylene dryarm, silver ion polygiene with antibacterial treatment.

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