Sleeveless jackets - Spirit

Equipped with an ergonomic hood, which protects the head, throat and neckline, revealing the face oval. It is formed on the outside by a breathable thermoregulator fabric, and internally coated with a polyester mesh. The front of the Spirit is made with a wind-stop membrane fabric.

The back uses the same outer fabric of the hood; and is also equipped with a useful pocket. It is a mesh made with the D3cobweb fabric, which determines its breathability, lightness and resistance; with hydrophilic and antibacterial capability.

Sleeveless jackets - Spirit3

Third-generation Spirit, the jacket becomes extremely advanced and functional, made with micro-perforated 3D fabric. It is lightweight, totally breathable, comfortable and durable.

The Spirit3 is made up of two different interior linings, coupled with 3D fabric: the front is lined with a windproof and waterproof membrane (resistant to 10,000 columns of water) while the hood and the back are covered with a thermo-regulator fabric, lightweight and breathable. It also comes with two large pockets: one front left side and the other one at the bottom back side with two zip openings.

Sleeves/Shoulders Cover - Tactical

Unique product in its kind, is the complement of the Spirit jacket.

It is made up of two lightweight sleeves in waterproof and windproof fabric, held together by a central element in elastic mesh. Developed to be worn quickly and stay in the back pocket of the Spirit.

Short Pants - D3fullmetal

Awarded to the Cosmo Bike Tech Award as the best innovative product, it blends together different features such as the lightness and comfort of the all-mountain and the safety and strength of the downhill. It is water-repellent thanks to the latest generation waterproof treatment that can be easily re-activated by the iron.

D3fullmetal short is a cloth made with advanced rationalization of ergonomics, as it consists of only two large fabric parts, so as to reduce seams that usually prevent proper movement, minimizing friction parts in pedaling. The waist adjustment is entrusted to a very light and durable plastic polymer hook to speed up and facilitate the right grip with one hand.

3/4 Sleeve Jersey - Fly

It is a jersey made with D3cobweb fabric, which results in breathability, lightness and resistance with hydrophilic and antibacterial capability.

In this product all seams have been optimized to reduce weight and friction areas.

Long Sleeve Jersey - D3

It is a technical jersey designed to provide better protection against humidity and low temperatures. Its more durable and protective fabric of any other existing jersey is light and breathable at the same time.

Like many D3 garments this jersey is water-repellent, great care also in the construction of the cloth; has a great ergonomics and is made with mesh inserts on the sleeves to improve the release of body vapor.

Socks - D3fatsox

Our socks are made up of a differentiated 3D structure with graduated compression. This particular workmanship makes the socks more robust and thicker at high impact points: providing a high protection at the bottom of the tibia.

D3fatsox is made of polypropylene dryarm, silver ion polygiene with antibacterial treatment..

The print process of our fabrics is realized with non-toxic inks.