The sleeveless jackets are designed to offer maximum protection against all kinds of weather. Made from highly resistant bi-elastic polyester, which is able to withstand a water column of 10,000 mm, it resists both wind and rain, while at the same allowing for excellent breathability.

The fabric follows every movement like a second skin, creating perfect comfort. The inside has been fitted with a special lining that allows for quick drying of the head....


D3fastdraining tissue which ensures its ability to quickly drain body sweat away from the skin. Tutto questo grazie alla sua struttura microforata a celle multiple e al trattamento eco-draining. Drying in a very short time, thanks to its micro-perforated multi-cell structure and eco-draining treatment. Offering perfect comfort, any movement is supported by the texture's elasticity.

Titanium texture allows for constant air flow across the body, even at low speeds, while minimizing heat expulsion, which using an electric bike is considerably lower. A fabric that does not fear branches, thorns and velcro, while at the same time providing protection to the skin from impact abrasions....


Our shorts combine together different characteristics such as the lightness and the comfort of allmountain and the safety and resistance of downhill. It is designed to give the best performance in the Enduro.

It is water repellent with last generation Teflon treatment, which can be reactivated with the iron at 150° every three washes....

Sleeves/Shoulders Cover

Unique product in its kind, is the complement of the Spirit jacket.

It is made up of two lightweight sleeves in waterproof and windproof fabric, held together by a central element in elastic mesh. Developed to be worn quickly and stay in the back pocket of the Spirit.


Our socks are made up of a differentiated 3D structure with graduated compression. This particular workmanship makes the socks more robust and thicker at high impact points: providing a high protection at the bottom of the tibia.

D3fatsox is made of polypropylene dryarm, silver ion polygiene with antibacterial treatment..

The print process of our fabrics is realized with non-toxic inks.

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