Qualitatives Standards

Our entire production process is 100% Made in Italy: design, fabric, manufacturing, printing and packaging.
We have chosen to adopt the highest possible quality and safety standards.

Comfort and Health

Our products are completely non-toxic, nonallergic, breathable and anti bacterial. Printing is also carried out using lead-free dyes, only water-based inks containing no harmful chemicals are used.

The packing of our garments is entrusted to highly skilled Italian laboratories where the most demanding European regulations on labor safety, the salubrity of working environments and workers' rights are met.

The genetic imprint distinguising Double3 is the contemporary design where the taste and cleanliness of the lines mark the way for new collections, influencing the entire creative process, from the research of materials to the study of ergonomics.

"Men's measurement" products

The world's leading textile companies in Italy have the highest standards of environmental efficiency, with constructive technology that does not have the same in terms of fabrics' safety standards. Producing sportswear in these terms is not only a qualitative choice but also, and above all, Ethics.

Today, the garment multinational industry is one of the largest responsible for environmental pollution worldwide. In this industry it is often choosen to produce in very low cost countries where environmental standards and worker protection are often sacrificed for profit.
Double3 chose to follow an alternative route by turning to a market that is attentive to certain dynamics. Shorten the production chain and adopt ethical manufacturing processes, be mindful of consumption and disposal, evaluate manufacturing methods, consider the source of materials and their quality, ensuring that workers' rights are respected.

We make products designed to last in time and away from today's consumer logic. Logic that requires a limited duration in the subject, so that it can be quickly replaced with another, creating a huge environmental problem.

Quality wins

Being a brand that operates ethical choices has not prevented us from always seeking new solutions, both technical and stylistic, developing innovative clothing and accessories over the years.

An example is our D3fullmetal fabric, awarded at Cosmo Bike Tech Award as the Best Innovative Product of 2016.

We consider ourselves a "semi-artisan" brand that rationally produces its products with a flexible warehouse; the value of our garments is an authentic value that puts sustainable production at the forefront.

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